Sunday , 13 July 2014

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  1. Joel Masecampo

    A call center person called me that my account is already pre-approved for telpad. I was also given a brief description of the tablet huawei isdeos s7 that we can insert a sim card into the tablet. But when i got the unit last saturday 10.01.2011, the unit’s slot for the SIM Card was disablesd or a rubber think has been place over the slot preventing us to insert the sim card. I was disappointed with the unit because of this. Using the huawei as a cellphone was one of my consideration why agreed / applied for it.

    Can PLDT enble this Sim Card slot for us? I hope we can use the tabe as a cellphone too, since its already part of the unit. The unit is already a tablet & a cellphone in one.

    Thank you…

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